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Best Solutions for Acne Skin

Many of us have dedicated a period of our lives to the fight against acne, and perhaps we still do. What matters at this point is what we do and how we do it.

There is no one who does not know that many factors such as hormonal reasons, wrong practices, stress cause acne. Although acne is a problem encountered at younger ages, it continues to be among the main problems of mature skin. “Why do I still have to deal with acne?” We hear you say. In fact, what needs to be done is to apply an effective care routine without stressing, exaggerating and panicking. However, we should not forget a few important supportive steps. Let's see what they are and let's get started right away.

Stay Away From Harsh Cleaners

It is no surprise that acne-prone skin produces excess sebum and has an oily texture. One of the biggest mistakes made is to use granular cleansers with very harsh ingredients that can even scratch the skin to purify the skin from this oil. Since acne-prone skin is already extremely sensitive and prone to irritation, products with exfoliating effects can unfortunately have the opposite effect on acne. Therefore, do not be surprised by the soft gel or foam cleansers specially designed for acne-prone skin.

Use Problem-Related Products

We understand that you may experience anxiety when using a product for your skin, but with products specially developed for acne-prone skin, these concerns are completely eliminated. This serum, which contains Nicotinamide,(also known as: Niacinamide) fights against skin imperfections, helps reduce oiliness and fights skin imperfections. The product, which reduces the excess sebum on the skin by 20 percent in a 1-week period, also helps to reduce the appearance of pores.

Keep Your Hands Away From Your Skin

Personal hygiene is a very important issue for all of us; We wash our hands frequently, but do we always provide adequate hygiene, that's a question mark. If you have a habit of constantly touching your face, we recommend that you give up. No matter how clean you think it is, you should not touch your face with your hands. We recommend doing this only in your skincare routine, after making sure you wash your hands thoroughly.


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