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''Skin Redness''
Causes and Solutions

Skin redness is a common dermatological concern characterized by the appearance
of red patches, inflammation or a flushed complexion on the skin.
This issue can arise due to various factors and may manifest differently in individuals. Some common causes of skin redness include:


Exposure to harsh chemicals, allergens or abrasive skincare products can irritate the skin, leading to redness.


Allergic reactions to certain foods, plants or substances can trigger

skin redness as part of the body's immune response.


Skin conditions like rosacea,

eczema or psoriasis can cause chronic inflammation, resulting in persistent redness.

Temp Extremes

Drastic temperature changes, especially exposure to cold or

windy conditions, can contribute

to skin redness.


Overexposure to UV rays without adequate protection can cause sunburn, causing the skin to

become red, painful and sensitive.

Acne or Breakouts

Inflammatory acne or other

skin eruptions can lead to

localized redness around the affected areas.

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